Saturday, 9 October 2010

Full Proposal - My Advert

I hope to make my poster a vintage looking advert as i think it will appeal to young people of the modern day as it is so different to this era. Also, vintage style has positive connotations and is trying to be reenacted now. Unlike todays society, women from this time (around the 50's) are seen as beautiful and respected as apposed to seductive and provocative.
It will be set in a pink room in a party-like atmosphere with bright colours and full lighting. It will consist of a pretty woman wearing a long dress and gloves, perhaps holding a glass or handbag. The NVC will display the woman's confidence and feel of superiority. The composition will have the model as the centre focus in the top half of the poster (medium close up) with the product and text beneath. Therefore the eye will be led from the model down to the product and title and then, with closer inspection, the text. The slogan will be written across the top of the page, perhaps in a speech bubble as if it is the models thoughts which personalise the adverts.
The advert will hopefully represent women as elegant, beautiful, powerful and confident because these are all aspiring qualities of a woman and will be associated with the product. The font will be a sophisticated and loopy font which looks slightly handwritten and is very effeminate, (maybe ; or ) in either white or black so the words will stand out in a classic and classy way. The title of the product is 'Totally Effortless...' which sums up the attitude of the woman and suggests that the product will enable the audience to achieve this look. I hope to use the slogan 'never too busy to be beautiful' because it suggests that this product enables you to become beautiful. It links the vintage theme as it suggests that beauty is a girls priority. In the 60's for example, there was not female equality and women were seen as pretty mannequins as apposed to successful business partners. My target audience is female, teens to late 20's of an average to wealthy economic status as the product is trying to achieve a classy and upmarket image.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


  • 1) Rimmel London – ‘Black on Black’

The layout is fairly easy to look at as there arnt too many distractions and the few elements are simply displayed, with our main focus being the model with the brand and the product plainly placed beneath in the corner.

Taking up the majority of the poster is the selling point of the advert – the model (Kate Moss = Famous --> attracts attention). The spiraling in the background leads the eye to the centre which is the models face. The spiral adds perspective which links the product ( in the foreground on the right ), the the model and then to the centre of the spiral. The colour scheme is black and red causing the ‘Rimmel’ logo to stand out being white. Other than this, the general colour combination of black and red gives the poster a quite dark and serious tone. The lighting, unlike the vintage two posters, seems to be from above and therefore, this advert includes shadows which add to this and make the poster slightly mysterious. The dark eyes of the model with her red lips allow her fit in with the tone of the advert and therefore seem quite seductive. Her slightly unimpressed gaze makes her seem as though she has self importance which causes her to seem like quite a powerful figure which is another admirable quality which will attract others to want to achiev this look too. The models appearance is very significant because the product will be associated with the vibes that the model gives off. Therefore, the product will attract those aiming for a similar vision. Perhaps female adolescents through to late twenties for this advert and therefore this product because it is around this time in particular when women are very conscious of how they look and usually would like to be perceived by others in this way. Education of target audience would not really be significant other than that it would be helpful if they recognised the model. As the model is white you could argue that it would apeal slightly more to white people, however black is emphasised a lot in this poster so it may not be specific to either tone. In terms of psychographics, i think this would be aimed at innovators because this product creates quite a distinctive image and also trendies. The font is in simple, capital block letters so it is easy to read from a distance and contrasts the colour of box it is in. The finer details are in small print at the bottom of the page to be seen with closer inspection. The 'rimmel' is made to stand out like it does as it could be the selling point as it is a well known brand that people would recognise.

2) Du Barry - 'Pink Fine'

This advert seems to be quite typical of an vintage cosmetics advert from around this time (1960's). Certainly in terms of colour and tone, the adverts is very girly and pink with an elegant and attractive young woman posing. She is semi-nakes, pouting and wearing fetishistic gloves adding a sense of attraction and increasing her femininity. Unlike a lot of adverts today, this woman looks very glamourous but also civilised and restrained as apposed to promiscuous and seductive. Also she is looking front on to the camera with no shadows and full lighting. This adds a level brightness of the advert both visually and mentality. By looking front on, it makes the viewer feel like her stare is being directed at them and therefore personalises it. Her raised eyebrows and pouting lips give her a sense of confidence and superiority making her seem like someone to look up to and admire. She is casually leaning against the wall making her appearance and beauty seem effortless and easy to achieve, intising viewers. think that this advert if most likely pitched more around middle aged women as it is quite a respectable advert and doesn't create nearly such a strong vibe of promiscuity. I think it would be aimed at white women in particular because during the 6o's there was still separation between black and white people. Someone triying to acheie this elegant and slightly superior look are likely to be fairyl wealthy and have a sufficiant education in order to be able to appreciate what typical beauty was in that time. I think that this advert is aimed at innovaters. the layout of the poster is quite standard with the model as the central focus with the name of the product written in large font next to it. This causes the viewers to follow the arm, the the product and then the name. There is a small depth of field directing out focus to the woman in the centre. However differing from modern day posters, a common trend in the vintage ones seemed to be a band at the bottom of the poster with lots of text and often a slogan. Unlike the 'Rimmel' poster the visual aspects have competition with the text beneath. As a result, this is clearly a magazine advert because other than the brand and the product the majority of the text is written in small font at the bottom (selling the article in word format including the finer details, prices etc) in the form of a paragraph. The name 'Pink Fine' is written in loopy effeminate font conforming to the tone of the rest of the advertisement and mimics lipstick writing, rather than plain block font used now in the modern day.


Although the brand and product name are not visible the image its self seemed to stand out slightly from other vintage adverts. For one, the tone of this advert is not nearly as visual appealing as the other. In terms of colour it is considerably darker than the others creating similar sort of effects as the more modern adverts. The pink lips and nails however still manage to keep in touch with the girly, delicate, effeminate tone of the rest. The model has the typical aspects of what was considered to be 'beautiful' in that time - pale skin, coloured lips and short styled hair with a side fringe. This helps to sell the product because it associates the make up with the model and seem like all of this can be achieved just by using the product. Also, the product itself being very pale and therefore the woman's face too, causes her to stand out from the background. This evokes positive connotations for the product because it is capable of making someone stand out and become the bright feature of a dark surrounding. Again, there is a slogan at the top of the page with plenty of writing but this time at the top as well rather than the bottom. Something to show a clear difference in selling point, is that within the text, the writing is very animated and pack with punctuation which makes it seem light hearted and innocent in contrast to the dark and serious 'Rimmel' advert for example.The composition is quite simple and the model is on the right looking down towards the bottom left. This causes the viewer to follow the models view path towards the product. The way she is gazing down makes her seem superior and her immaculate way of presenting herself makes her seem like an upperclass wealthy woman which tells us that the product is likely to be aimed at someone of a similar status. Like the 'Du Barry' advert i think that this would be aimed roughly at middle aged women to because it does not evoke the dark and seductive vibes and is concentrating more on beauty than the possible way the product may make you be perceived (ie seductive, provocative). Having said that, i think it could appeal to adolescents for example because it is a different look to their own era. Ethnicity wise, i think it is aimed at white people because it appears to be advertising for solely that complexion. I think it would attract puritans because she is looking into the mirror, possibly noticing her own beauty and her appearance is very immaculate and innocent.

During my textual analysis of my 3 chosen prints I found many more that i was interested in and seemed to use different techniques. ( see below ) Having found these i decided to keep the 'Rimmel London' advert which i originally selected but swap the other two for number 1) and 4).

Monday, 6 September 2010


State clearly the brief you wish to complete and who is in the group
- Print no. 4 (2 Magazine Adverts and one Billboard) - Me (Charlotte Poulter)

• Explain why you have selected this brief

I selected this brief because visual advertising is the main form of advertising that I am aware of to have an effect on me in day to day to life. I am intrested in finding out the process in which advertisers go through in order to create a successful advertisement.
• Explain what each of the elements of your selected brief will involve
- location
- font
- model
- the item (lipstick)
- logo
- slogan
• Discuss your initial thoughts about the genre/content/style – what you plan to make?
I am planning to make a retro looking advert with influence from the 60's glamor adverts as it will separate it from the typical modern cosmetics adverts nowadays. Like the cosmetics brand 'Benefit' which is a huge success, especially with the younger women (adolescents) as it's vintage and retro style has attracted people to it. The 1960's look creates a more innocent and gentle vision of makeup as apposed to the seductive and dark approach that is often taken when advertising cosmetics. For this reason, benefit for example appeals to younger girls and therefore a wider range of people. For the content, I am hoping to use one of my friends as the model and make her the main feature of the adverts. The font will most likely be italic and swirly to fit with the style of the poster. My target audience will be for girls of a similar age to me . (i.e teenagers and also young adults.)

• Identify (name) your key texts (minm. 3) to be studied for research analysis
(as seen above at the top of the page)
- 'Goldilicks'
- 'Bright & Clear'
- 'Rimmel'

• Identify any areas for technical research/experimentation
- Photography skills
- Photoshop skills
• Create a timetable (tasks & completion dates) for your research and experimentation
1) Mon 4th Oct --> Full proposal & Research documents, due.
2) Fri 15th Oct --> Planning documents, due.

3) Mon 22nd Nov --> Final, main product completed, due.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

After deciding on a 'lipstick' advert i looked for further inspiration and had a look at other lipstick adverts, paying attention to the vintage-looking ones. In order to get a wide range of ideas, i had a look at all kinds of cosmetic adverts.

Thursday, 1 July 2010


o What was your initial response to the production Briefs?
o What was the process that you undertook to evaluate the given production Briefs?
o Creating your shortlist: what was your decision and why?
o SWOT analysis for your idea (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
o What initial research have you undertake to enable you to make your decision?

1) I was pleased when I saw the briefs because I am interested in advertising and wanted to design my own advertisement.

2) I thought about how little free time I had available so I eliminated video as that is usually time consuming. I decided against the voice recording because I prefer visual methods of advertising so I ended up choosing a print based brief as it interested me the most and didn’t seem too ambitious.

3) Male fragrance Advert

Lipstick Cosmetics Advert

Onesie Suit Advert

4) Lipstick Advert

STRENGTHS: common advert televised frequently, will not evolve a lot props or complicated equipment.

WEAKNESSES: could be slightly boring, could look a bit plain and unimaginative.

OPPORTUNITIES: I will do some photography when I am on my summer holidays so I can get pretty scenery, I will use my friend as the model who I can see over the holidays.

THREATS: there may be difficulties in photo shopping my friend into the back ground with out it looking unrealistic.

5) I have looked at some fragrance adverts and decided against them because I also went against the ‘onesie’ idea as it would involve a greater number of people and location options would be limited due to weather. However the lipstick adverts seem reachable and because it is fairly simple, I can try and make it different and stand out from the typical cosmetic adverts. I also saw some vintage adverts which interested me further and gave me more inspiration.